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A Valentine’s Day Love Story: Shawn Riney

  Shawn Riney is not your typical lover.  He is cross-eyed, mumbles, cleans lunch trays at the local Catholic High School, and has 47 chromosomes - one extra.  Shawn has Down Syndrome. Shawn Riney is 41, has three sisters and one brother, and is the son of Moggie and Frank Riney.  Shawn lives in Owensboro, Kentucky.  He has his high school diploma but will never be able to live on his own. On the other side of Owensboro lives Amy Payne with her [...]

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All About Love

  You probably think that I am going to write about Valentine's Day, which is coming up this week. You might be expecting flowers, candy, a sweet card or a special gift from your significant other, or  you might anticipate receiving a special Valentine's Day message from your children or grandchildren, or it could be a day when you might think about how you are touched by love in your life from all those around you.  I prefer to think of Valentine's Day as a [...]

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Fr. Josh and Lolek Productions Complete 2 Year International Video Project in Guatemala

Made for Love - Cipriana Cuc - icon Project   Made for Love is the story of the joys and struggles of Catholic, Mayan Indian named Cipriana Az Cuc Menchú living deep in the country of Guatemala.  Beautiful vistas, amazing craftsmanship, contagious joy, deep sorrow, and even deeper faith are the threads in the life of this family of weavers. Cipriana Az Cuc Menchú It starts with thread from the crowded marketplace.  Then the threads are spun into groups which are then wrapped [...]

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Fr. Josh McCarty – Story – Religious Nerd

When I was traveling with NET Ministries in 1998-1999, Mike Rivera [one of the team leaders for Team #6] told me that "every person has a story."  I didn't believe...him until recently.  In my experience many people have a difficult time accepting who God created them to be.  I guess I just didn't want to be a religious nerd. The strange thing is that many people find the story of a religious nerd fascinating. Fr. Josh PS - Nerd: I shot this video [...]

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