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All About Love

  You probably think that I am going to write about Valentine's Day, which is coming up this week. You might be expecting flowers, candy, a sweet card or a special gift from your significant other, or  you might anticipate receiving a special Valentine's Day message from your children or grandchildren, or it could be a day when you might think about how you are touched by love in your life from all those around you.  I prefer to think of Valentine's Day as a [...]

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If you have any interest in Catholic Media or the faith of young people, you must read this article!

One of the ladies from St. Joseph handed me an issue of Our Sunday visitor today and said that she thought of me when she found the article. Presently I have been confronted by a lot of legal documents and possible issues that exist both in being a priest and in doing projects to promote Catholic functions. This article reiterates the deep need for highly talented Catholics to step forward and produce high-quality media that will capture the hearts of, especially, our young people and [...]

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Figuring Things Out

So it’s been another month since I last wrote something, and I’ve discovered a lot about what I want to do with my life when I finally graduate. And you know? It wasn’t what I expected. I took 10 hours of footage in Spain, 10 long and grueling hours. And I passionately went through every last minute, eliminating about half and preparing to delve into cutting another 2-3. Yet, according to my major, all I should have ever expected to get out of the experience was a 2-3 minute News Package! Little did I know how unfulfilling that would ultimately become…and when they didn’t even air the footage, I knew in my heart I had been wrong about my Major from the start. […]

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A Eucharistic Procession like you have never seen! GIVEN from Fr. Joshua McCarty on Vimeo.

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