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New Lolek Productions Release: Formed to Serve

We are excited to announce our newly released video production, "Formed to Serve." In it we learn from a retired Air Force Colonel how much his Catholic School education meant to him in his life of service; service to his country and service in his chosen profession at Merrill Lynch. You'll hear about his challenging upbringing during the Depression and what his father did for them that changed their lives for the better. Colonel John L. Milton will take you through his life of 93 [...]

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A Valentine’s Day Love Story: Shawn Riney

  Shawn Riney is not your typical lover.  He is cross-eyed, mumbles, cleans lunch trays at the local Catholic High School, and has 47 chromosomes - one extra.  Shawn has Down Syndrome. Shawn Riney is 41, has three sisters and one brother, and is the son of Moggie and Frank Riney.  Shawn lives in Owensboro, Kentucky.  He has his high school diploma but will never be able to live on his own. On the other side of Owensboro lives Amy Payne with her [...]

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If you have any interest in Catholic Media or the faith of young people, you must read this article!

One of the ladies from St. Joseph handed me an issue of Our Sunday visitor today and said that she thought of me when she found the article. Presently I have been confronted by a lot of legal documents and possible issues that exist both in being a priest and in doing projects to promote Catholic functions. This article reiterates the deep need for highly talented Catholics to step forward and produce high-quality media that will capture the hearts of, especially, our young people and [...]

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Skin Deep

Dear Lord, I never knew how much I have hated myself until today. The lights were warm all over my skin, like heat waves from an oven in Studio 38. Though they made my temperature rise, that was nothing compared to my blushing in front of the camera. As I always do when I’m nervously awkward, I stood on the sides of my feet, humming songs I’ve never heard before. […]

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