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If you have any interest in Catholic Media or the faith of young people, you must read this article!

One of the ladies from St. Joseph handed me an issue of Our Sunday visitor today and said that she thought of me when she found the article. Presently I have been confronted by a lot of legal documents and possible issues that exist both in being a priest and in doing projects to promote Catholic functions. This article reiterates the deep need for highly talented Catholics to step forward and produce high-quality media that will capture the hearts of, especially, our young people and [...]

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From the GIVEN Premiere

LOLEK Philosophy Welcome to something NEW! Welcome to something OLD! Welcome to a LOLEK Productions Film! Welcome to the GIVEN Premiere! How many of you have used YouTube? The average young person spends about 7 hours a day on-line and about 2 hours on YouTube. […]

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Scandalous…or is it?

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A Garden of Riches

In today’s Gospel reading from Luke, the soon-to-be apostles were standing on the shore of the Lake of Gennesaret. The ground on which they stood (“Gennesaret” means “A garden of riches”) also stood the one who could grant the richest reward; the life-giving reward; the only reward that really matters. […]

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