We are excited to announce our newly released video production, “Formed to Serve.” In it we learn from a retired Air Force Colonel how much his Catholic School education meant to him in his life of service; service to his country and service in his chosen profession at Merrill Lynch. You’ll hear about his challenging upbringing during the Depression and what his father did for them that changed their lives for the better. Colonel John L. Milton will take you through his life of 93 years and give you the highlights of what he values as the most important things that shaped his life.

Father Josh McCarty and Father Andy Garner went to Washington D.C. to film this inspiring video. We can learn a lot from the wisdom of those who have lived long lives and that have experienced many things. Col. Milton is no exception. He has many stories to share that have impacted his life as well as the lives of the people around him. It’s like listening to your grandfather tell stories about the olden days. You will marvel at all that the Colonel has been through.

We hope you enjoy watching!