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How many of you have used YouTube?
The average young person spends about 7 hours a day on-line and about 2 hours on YouTube.
If you search for the words “Roman Catholic” on YouTube and view the most seen videos first, you will find that the first suggestion is a video of two Brazilian Girls in bikinis soaked in some sort of slime – sliding over one another for five minutes. This is the result of typing in the words Roman Catholic on YouTube.

There are two main problems with this:
1. The world is seeing, especially our young people, that Catholicism is a farce, its a joke.
2. And far more grave: We have no response except to say, “YouTube is bad. You shouldn’t watch it.” It is not that YouTube has decided to connect Brazilian Sliding Girls and Roman Catholicism. It is that we, as Catholics, have not offered anything more compelling.

How many of you are or have been regularly bored listening to Catholic homilies? I can remember being in Iowa, at St. Simon Church being bored every week durng the homily. I even remember thinking, “I could do better than that!”
How many people think of heaven as Angels, Clouds, and Harps? How many people think of the Church as simply enforcing rules?

I will be perfectly honest with you. If the Catholic Church offers nothing MORE than Brazilian Sliding Girls, boring homilies, Rules, and a heaven filled with Angels, Clouds, and Harps, then I WANT OUT!

But if there is something MORE, then I may be interested.

One of the main problems that I see in the Church during my life is that the Church is failing to inspire people and her ministers are failing to be themselves inspired. It seems so much more easier to give cliche answers, spread out a list of rules, produce cheep art and throw together some music. There must be more.

The people of our day, and especially the young people are hungry to be inspired. And they are finding inspiration in art, in literature, and especially in music.

And if the Church is not up to inspire the next generation, they will find inspiration somewhere else.

LOLEK Productions is taking up the call to show an ancient truth in a new way, or to speak an ancient word in a new language, or to look at an old reality from a new perspective.

The work of LOLEK Productions is that we are first, ourselves, inspired. Second, we want to share this vision and inspiration as far and as wide as possible using modern means.

GIVEN looked at a Eucharistic Procession from a unique perspective. Slow motion, selective color, angles down low and up high, audio effects, multiple languages, and special effects. All of these layers and differing perspectives invite us to take another look at the same old reality. Looking from these angles allow us to see that a Eucharistic Process is very interesting, or better, inspiring.

Melissa Hardin ran the sound. I ran the camera and the ladder. And we spent about 40 hours total editing.

Fr. Doug Owens was visiting that day, and it gave me the freedom to film the event. We started in St. Joseph Church with Mass at 12:30 and then processed to four locations around the parish. Finally with everyone back in the church, benediction was given.

The title GIVEN comes from the part of the Mass when the priest says, “This is my body, given up for you.” And so the giving up of Christ’s body, the pouring out of His blood is meant to inspire us so that, like Him, our lives might be GIVEN.

So, without further ado, LOLEK Productions presents “GIVEN!”