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A Life That Keeps on Giving

In life we do not get the opportunity to meet and know everyone, even in our own city and community. Our paths will cross with many through the years, but some we may only hear of and get to know about after they have passed away. This is how we came to know of this young man, Brian Storm. Brian Storm was involved in a fatal car accident on November 30, 2016. It was in his death that we came to know of his life, [...]

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Have Camera, Will Travel

Father Josh is making a name for himself and has been going to great heights to bring you inspiring stories of faith through good, Catholic media which makes up his creative and beautiful short film documentaries. He is at it again. Soon he will be taking to the air to fly Washington, D.C. to bring you yet another fascinating story; a WWII veteran's story, a retired Air Force Colonel's story, a longtime husband and widower's story, a story from a man who is well-travelled in [...]

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Marilee’s Witness Bears Fruit

In the recent issue of the Right to Life Newsletter you will find Marilee's Message. Marilee was the subject of a video that Lolek Productions produced about this time last year for the Right to Life of Owensboro to show at their annual banquet. Marilee shares in this newsletter message more about some of the events that happened after the video was shared. It is truly wonderful to know that this video made such a huge impact on a young woman's decision to keep her unborn [...]

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Lolek Photo Used for Lifesize Vocation Banner

" Labor Day Greetings to all! The latest news from Lolek Productions comes from the Passionist Nuns blog, "In the Shadow of His Wings" A decision was made, after getting feedback from women reading the Passionist blog, to use the above image, skillfully created by Father Josh McCarty, in their vocational work. Mother John Mary writes on the blog: "This photo definitely received the highest raves when I asked earlier this year which you preferred to be used as a life-size vocation poster. We are in [...]

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