I was cruising about the wide world of YouTube a few days ago trying to see what was popular and what was Catholic. So, I would type in words like “Priest” and “Catholic” to see what would come up. And the results were rather disappointing. No, they were appalling.

Typing in various Catholic key words will most likely get you news stories of priest pedofilia, “Catholic School-Girl” videos, why the Church is the whore of Babylon. While disappointing, this is, in some ways, what I have come to expect from the Mass Media in regards to the Catholic Church.

But I was not prepared for what happened next. I typed in the words “Roman Catholic,” switched the sort order to “view count,” and clicked the search button. The first result was a clip from some apparently Brazilian television show with the host speaking about, “my dove” and the two girls in a kiddie pool sliding back and forth over one another for about four minutes. After typing in the words, “Roman Catholic,” this is what came up. I couldn’t believe it.

Now, I realize that there are two reasons for this: the person who posted this video slyly pasted the entire encyclopedia entry for the country of Brazil which conveniently included “Roman Catholic.” Second, people watched this video many, many times and pushed up the view count. So, whose fault is it: a combination.

The Catholic Church’s media presence is weak. But I want to do something. Lolek Productions (a priest and a creative director-that’s the extent of Lolek Productions) is working to capture and show the beautiful face of Catholic life. Our present work which is getting ready for print to DVD is called Given.  Click this link to view the trailer.

Are we stuck with Brazilian Sliding Girls to represent Roman Catholicism? I don’t think so.

-Fr. Joshua