The long awaited Lolek Productions video “Unseen” is finished. This lengthiest work to date has been released with hopes of reaching the masses. It is a story of growing faith, courageous perseverance in spite of disability, and joy in following God’s call to the priesthood. It is a story of a desire to serve and bring others to Christ. It is a story that shares how growing in love with Jesus can bring you to new heights and depths that you never thought possible. It is also a story of how one’s hobby and interests can be used for the greater glory of God.

We would like to thank Deacon Jamie Dennis and his family for sharing his story with us and for all others who support our work through prayer and monetary donations. It really is a work with a mission to bring the joy of the Gospel to others.

Please continue to support us as we move on to the next exciting project.

Pope St. John Paul II, pray for us.

The link to “Unseen”: