With Father Josh traveling in Spain this week, this is a good time to think internationally. On the Lolek Facebook page, he asked how we could create something that would reach a South American/bilingual audience. He is fluent in Spanish, which will come in handy not only on his current trip, but also in Lolek Productions’ quest to go beyond our borders.

I do not speak Spanish – not yet. In our church, we have the highest number of Hispanics in the entire diocese. What does this say? It says that to truly embrace all of our brothers and sisters at St. Joseph, I better start speaking Espanol! Truly I want to because so many of them speak English to me. How can I not even attempt to speak their beautiful language back to them? We celebrate many special masses trilingually. My family and I attend Spanish mass every week now, in addition to the English-spoken mass. It is a reminder that we are blessed to worship in our own language, when so many people (including some at St. Joseph) do not. Their hospitality is to be admired.

‘Given’ is in English and Spanish. Our upcoming video series will be as well. How exactly will this be accomplished – Hispanic interviewees, video shot in reflecting their beautiful culture, overdubs and translated (to me) words…there are many options. Just as there are so many options to worship. Whichever language you speak, we are a global church. The Lord’s love for those of all nationalities inspires us to do the same.

-the creative director