In life we do not get the opportunity to meet and know everyone, even in our own city and community. Our paths will cross with many through the years, but some we may only hear of and get to know about after they have passed away. This is how we came to know of this young man, Brian Storm.

Brian Storm was involved in a fatal car accident on November 30, 2016. It was in his death that we came to know of his life, interests and hobbies. I remember hearing of the accident which happened in my own community of Maceo, where I live. I read his obituary in the paper and wondered if I knew any of his family. I saw it on Facebook too and learned that I did know a relative or two of his. He even looked familiar to me when I saw his picture. Maybe our paths did cross, though I was unaware. It wasn’t until we received a message from his mother, Mary Lou Storm, that we were touched in a personal way by his life, though it was after his death.

Brian Storm and Father Josh McCarty have things in common. Brian loved to make videos and even had posted some of his work to his channel on YouTube, “Scattered Storm.” Father Josh is also involved in video production, as you know, and has his YouTube channel, “Lolek Productions.” Brian had many pieces of video and camera gear that he used in making his videos. His parents, Bob and Mary Lou Storm, decided that they wanted to donate his equipment to Lolek Productions, so they contacted Father Josh about doing so. This very generous donation was delivered to my house this week and will be taken to the Lolek Productions studio soon.

I also learned that one of the pieces of equipment belonged to a deceased uncle of Brian’s, Jim Storm, and was donated to Lolek by his wife, Carole. Yet another gift given in memory of a loved one.

It is our intent to use these donations to continue our evangelization work that we strive to reach people with in our own video productions and in our other forms of media outlets. In having these additional pieces of video gear we will be better able to create beautiful productions in time. I am certain that we will think of Brian often when we do. Had he and Father Josh met, no doubt they would have had plenty of things to share and talk about, having so much in common.

Lolek Productions offers our sincerest, heartfelt thanks to Bob and Mary Lou Storm and Carole Storm for thinking of us as a way for Brian’s love of video production to carry on. It is indeed a wonderful way to pay tribute to him. May God reward your generosity and comfort you in your sorrow as you grieve the loss of your creative and artistic, young Brian and his Uncle Jim as well. May God grant them eternal rest with Him forever.

We are starting the New Year feeling thankful,

Larena Lawson

If you would like to read the obituary of Brian Storm go to: